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StopIE - Rid the web of Internet Explorer

Welcome to We are dedicated to the removal of Internet Explorer as the most common browser on the web. There are many reasons for this.

Internet Explorer's Main Problems

There are countless bugs in Internet Explorer, but here are the main reasons to choose a free alternative.

Alternatives to Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the worst major browser. There are a number of free alternatives available. These alternatives are standards compliant, i.e. they conform to international standards. Internet Explorer is not standards compliant, and thus renders pages wrongly.

On the alternatives to Internet Explorer page, we outline three superior competitors, all of which are free. These are Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Play your part - StopIE

Change browser, encourage your friends and family to do the same. Tell people about this site with the StopIE 'Tell a Friend' Form.

This site is free, but running it is not. Please click on a relevant Google ad above to support us.

All profits from these ads, after hosting costs, will be donated to the Mozilla foundation - who are responsible for the excellent Mozilla Firefox browser.

Firefox And Internet Explorer - What Are The Differences?

Firefox and Internet Explorer are the two types of web browsers widely used and favored by internet users. Each one of these browsers has distinct features, even though essentially they serve the same purpose, which is to view web pages and sites. Obviously such distinctive attributes serve to attract users, and some will prefer to use one rather than the other browser for such a reason. As in any other circumstance some users choose one browser rather than another simply due to a habitual motive. However let us see what are the main motives why Firefox is considered to be better than Internet Explorer.

Firefox seems to be preferred due to the fact that it enables better personalization features than the latter. In fact Firefox provides the feature to choose colors which the user prefers. This will essentially change the way web pages appear while also being more appealing to the user and helpful as well as it can serve as a colorful way to classify websites depending on the user’s preferences. Firefox is also more customizable than Internet Explorer because it also enables the user to change the font. Therefore it can be concluded that the user interface provided by Firefox is better, more appealing and personalized than that offered by Internet Explorer.

Apart from the customization Firefox is said to be faster than Internet Explorer, mainly because it is not as risky virus wise. It has the possibility to block annoying pop-ups and adverts seemingly more easily and effectively than most other browsers, including Internet Explorer. This aspect automatically provides a better and faster download speed. Besides Firefox also offers the possibility to remove annoying adverts such as animated flash adverts, which can provide a better and cleaner website, and a more enjoyable browsing experience.

Firefox also offers the tabbed browsing possibility, which can help an internet user to move more quickly between one site and another. This feature was introduced in Internet Explorer versions at a later stage. Additionally, Firefox also provides the live bookmarking possibility. Basically this refers to the way it stores past visited pages and headlines of sites. These are stored in such a way so as to then be supplied to the user to view, with all the latest news and updates incorporated within the link automatically. This enables a better and faster access and storage of favorite sites and those which are most frequently visited by the particular user.

Firefox also supports plug-ins and add-ons relatively more easily. Another very helpful feature that Firefox supplies is the search bar which can be included on the screen. Websites such as Google and Yahoo can be saved there and easily accessed.

Firefox is also noted to be more secure that Internet Explorer. The latter browser is said to feature frequent security flaws in its coding, and several patches are generated from time to time. Besides several hackers seem to target Internet Explorer browsers much more due to the fact that many people use it because of its automatic installation from Microsoft.

Let us hope that Firefox will continue to improve to provide even better features as time goes by, and that more websites will be built to run and appear well on Firefox, so as to boost its popularity further.

Firefox is a free, open source browser. It uses "The Mozilla Application Suite." released to open source community by AOL. Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Most professional web developers prefer Firefox for application development as it strictly standards compliance. While IE 7 is only 90% standard compliant and 10% of it is Microsoft specific code. Firefox offers helpful development tools and robust JavaScript error reporting.

Firefox has a tabbing interface that permits one browser window to contain many websites and one can easily toggle between them. It has excellent webpage find/search feature. As one types in search word, Firefox highlights words on the page that match, letter for letter. If there is no match, the search box turns red, and soft clicking sound is generated as one types. Firefox also highlights every occurrence of a search term on the page. These features of Firefox are very useful to users.

Both IE and Firefox have their own respective appeal and deciding which one is better is a daunting task.

Mozilla's Firefox browser is supported by its passionate developer community, which continues to churn out some very impressive browser add-ons. With some of these add-ons, also known as extensions installed, Firefox can become somewhat of a powerhouse application.

Though initially Firefox had some security issues, Mozilla team has a reputation, of fixing Firefox's security vulnerabilities incredibly quickly. Symantec, had released a report indicating that on average Firefox vulnerabilities are patched one day after being reported, while Microsoft took an average of 9 days to fix. There are many sites that work well with all browsers, people who are familiar with online casino gambling can tell you that online security is a very important factor when dealing with money online. They say that IE7 is sufficient but Firefox seems to be more secure. Seeing that Firefox is an open source browser it caters to the needs of the people who use it most, online consumers.

Firefox is a stable browser. However, even the most stable browsers crash. Firefox 2.0 has a great feature built in called "Session Restore". In the event of a browser crash or accidental shutdown, you are given the option to restore all the tabs and pages that you had open before the browser prematurely closed. This feature alone makes Firefox very attractive.

In addition, Firefox 2.0 has enhanced capability allowing one to easily subscribe to RSS news feeds. Another positive aspect of the Mozilla browser is the speed in which the application itself loads as well as the speed in which it loads web pages, seemingly faster than Internet Explorer 7.

PC World’s most recent tests indicate that indicated that Internet Explorer 7 used much more system memory than Firefox 2.0. Using less system memory improves things such as the time the program takes to open, as well as the time it takes to load a new web page.

Though newer versions of Internet Explorer have closed the gap as far as useful new features compared to Firefox goes, early versions of Firefox pioneered a lot in the way of web browsing. Firefox had things like tabbed browsing, a session restore feature, and an in-program spell checker long before Internet Explorer did. Unlike Internet explorer, Firefox supports customizing browsing experience with downloading add-ons Firefox has some of the print options such as adjustable margins and customizable headers/footers which are also its plus points. Thus Firefox edges ahead of Internet explorer.

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