Honey is a sweet liquid made by honey bees which is otherwise called one of the most established normal sweeteners on the earth. Honey is probably the best recognized apicultural product. It has been established by analysis that honey contains more than 180 different nutritional substances.

Honey provides so many benefits in skin care products. It has antioxidants, moisturizing qualities and anti-bacterial properties. Honey has been and still is used in many skin products today. Consider these homemade skin care recipes made with honey. The honey acts as from anti bacterial and the anti fungus agent and the aids disinfect and accelerate the process healing in wounds. The honey contains the vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is a wonderful subsidy of beauty.

The honey is considered the only food that involves all the substances necessary in order to support the life. Honey and weight loss are often associated. It is not a myth. Find out why replacing sugar with honey can be helpful for those who are on a diet. Refined dietary sugars lack minerals and vitamins and are often called empty calories. The best news is that honey, the natural sweetener, on the other hand, contains 22 amino acids and a diffusion of minerals critical for its metabolism and for this reason is helpful in stopping obesity.


It is believed that drinking lemon juice with a little honey the first thing in the morning is an effective anti cellulite treatment as it helps to increase body metabolism.

If you are decided to shed pounds and accelerate your slow metabolism, do that honey and lemon weight loss program. live happier and healthy.


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