Jacob and I owned a fleet of different vehicles.  All of our cars have been part of our journey together.  But today I want to show you the car that he had for over five years that is a 1976 BMW  purchased the car in August 2012. I ended up driving about four hours to go pick up the car had been looking for vintage BMW for a while not just specifically 2002 also looking at E28 andE30 as well but this 2002 was in my price range and it looked super solid you know had low miles and a new engine.

So I figured it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up this was the first car ended up ever purchasing for myself at age 19. so I drove about four hours to go buy the car I test drove it and everything seemed fine and ran right and everything no smoke no nothing and then I purchased the car I got on the highway and about an hour and a half later on the way home it started to smoke really bad that wasn’t the problem initially eventually the car broke down completely due to the ignition points going out so I had to have it towed the rest of the way home I didn’t even get to drive it all the way home I got new electronic ignition to replace the point based ignition system that was originally in the car and I got it running roughly again a few weeks later but the smoke continued .

I realized it was a problem with the piston rings based on the way that it was smoking and I decided to pull the whole engine out of the car and have the whole thing rebuilt because I just felt like eat that point you know wanted to make sure that everything the engine had been done right and I wasn’t going to want to tear apart the engine and replace just the piston rings without doing full rebuild I have engine rebuilt top-to-bottom new camshaft and valve springs new Pistons rods new bearings crankshaft machined the head was machined and ported so there’s been a lot done to the engine.

I got a new carburetor my initial plan was to run the side draft carburetors but just due to cost and the difficulty of tuning them and getting them to run right I decided to just go with a simple weber downdraft carburetor it’s a very fun car since having the engine rebuilt you know it feels very happy almost you know feels like it has the acceleration of a modern car it pulls very hard for being a natural aspirated two liter that’s 40 years old you know you’d expect it to be extremely sluggish and compared to other cars from that era with that size of engine it definitely feels like a peppy and fun car the BMW 2002, its peppy, its nostalgic its a car that means you have this wishful affection for the past

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