RAM disk technology that makes it possible to use a portion of your system RAM as a drive for data storage.  It is much faster than the ssd storage devices. So we can use it to store operations that need high performance.  The RAMDisk can be used with computers having high amount of ram.

Now because of the ddr4 era and cheap ram costs users are interested in this. In future most of the people use ramdisk technology to get a best performance out of their system. The RAM disk driver takes some of your memory and pretends that it is a hard drive that you could delete, mount, keep files to, and so on.

Remember the fact that each bit of RAM is vital for the working of your system and the bigger your RAM disk is, the much less memory there is to be had to your machine.
When electricity is lost, the information of the RAM force is commonly lost as nicely besides for systems with Battery backup for the RAM used as storage device.
for that reason, fail protection is applicable simplest for structures which provide such battery backup.
Make certain which you have enough reminiscence to create the disk.
To delete a volatile RAM disk, you simply want to unmount it.
If you unmount RAM synchronized with hdd, the data can’t  be deleted from the hard drive of your computer.
So proceed with caution and use stable softwares to do this.

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