September 21, 2020
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Modern technology has brought a change in every aspect of our life including education. There are many smart devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones that can help a student in their academics. Now students don’t need to carry loads of books as everything is accessible on their smartphones. Whether you have to make a presentation […]


Although not much has changed in the education system over the years, there have been tremendous changes and many technological advancements in access to information. Unlike former years, you can access books from the comfort of your room, enjoy various forms of entertainment and also create a conducive reading environment thus elevating the college experience […]

home projectors

Home projectors are slowly but surely closing the gaps and between themselves and normal televisions. In the past years, more people are deciding to use projectors for a plethora of reasons. Personally, I’ve always wondered why this wasn’t happening. This is because while the benefits of using a normal television are numerous and similar to […]